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Market Research Service

With more than 20 years in shipping, especially in South East Asia, we provide research service, provide report with the most valuable statistics. There are many customers satisfied our service with real data report and the report helped them comfort […]


Sales & Marketing Agency

Acting as official agency or sub agency, with our professional and experienced team, we can provide good service in promoting principals service to the trades which principal wish to service. With the office network covers South East Asia, we believe […]


Shipping Agency

Pacific Lines is one of the leading Principal Agency in South East Asia. We are offering consistant service through all its countries operation. We present a wide range of Principals covering following sectors Main Line Operators NVOCC Break Bulk Vessel […]


Depot Services

With corporate depots at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Pacific Lines is providing good depot service. With experienced team with IICL certificate, we believe that we can provide the satisfaction depot services. Operating 90,000m2 of container depot and more than 10,000m2 […]